RAMAYANA REVELATION Urmila Devi: an unsung hero in Ramayana.


Urmila Devi: an unsung hero in Ramayana.




Urmila Devi: an unsung hero in Ramayana.

# When Lord Rama, Sita Devi and Lakshman went to forest for 14 years, Urmila Devi stayed back in Ayodhya on pursuation by Laxmana, to take care of their parents and family in Ayodhya.
# While Rama, Sita and Laxmana were on vanvaas, Urmila slept for 14 years so that her husband could stay awake and protect his family.
# Serving in separation: Urmila Devi understood the desire of her husband, to serve Lord Rama and Sita Devi during exile by being their guard, protector and servant and assisted her husband in serving the Supreme Lord by not going along with them so that there were no distractions for him in serving Lord Rama. This is a classic example of how serving in separation can be as important and glorious as serving directly
# Service in background: Just like salt in food, no one takes notice of the presence of salt in food but there is almost no food preparations whose good taste is not dependent on right amount of salt in it similarly she encouraged her husband throughout, treading him to the path of righteousness.
# She made a pious offering in the sacrificial fire of her affection for sister Sita, father-like Lord Rama, and beloved husband. She lived the life of a hermit all fourteen years.
# Although her role is quintessentially small in the larger scheme of the events, Maharishi Valmiki categorically states that Urmila’s sacrifice was unparalleled.

MORAL: Real service is beyond the framework of fame and designation.


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